Archive 2017: «Modern issues of ecology and energy saving.
New approaches and ways of development»

Main forum discussion topics

"Energy conservation and energy efficiency improvement ":

  • State policy in the field of energy conservation (goals, objectives, current status, plans for the future);
  • Energy saving in the CIS countries - experience exchange;
  • Barriers of energy efficiency and ways of their overcoming;
  • Analysis of energy efficiency at the КРО b.v. enterprise.

"Waste management system in oil industry ":

  • Basic requirements, regulations on wastes in connection with the adoption of the conception for the transition to Green economy in RK;
  • New rules for accounting production and consumption wastes, waste reporting;
  • Review of the requirements for enterprises engaged in the collection, utilization, processing, storage, disposal or removal of wastes;
  • Ways of problem solutions with the utilization of food, construction wastes in connection with the ban of waste dumping оn polygons (landfills), stimulation of construction enterprises for the use of construction wastes and the inclusion of their use in construction projects;
  • Road maps of the MSW program in WKO;
  • Waste management system at KOGCM (Karachaganak oil and gas condensate field);
  • Ways of problem solutions of the utilization of food wastes, construction waste (presentation, videos);
  • Separate collection of wastes that is prohibited for burial in landfills (presentation, video on waste paper, waste incineration units, batteries, etc.).s

Objectives of the forum

The objectives of the Uralsk Green Forum include discussion of the actual issues of ecology and energy saving within promotion of the green economy concept in the run-up to ЕХРО-2017 exhibition and consideration of modern approaches and waste disposal solutions. The forum is dedicated to the World Environment Day, celebrated globally on June 5.

The purposes of the forum

  • Creation of effective communication and information and business platform in the oil and gas industry to address environmental protection and energy saving issues in the B2G and B2B formats;
  • Sharing of experience and building а platform for further cooperation within the Green Economy Concept;
  • Promotion of intensive development of environmental sector in the oil and gas industry;
  • Determination of the factors constraining the implementation of energy-saving and energy-efficient technologies and the search for possible solutions;
  • Support of Kazakhstan manufacturers and representatives of small and medium sized businesses, representing their goods and services in the field of environmental protection, green technologies and waste processing;
  • Support of the status of the city of Uralsk as а key meeting place for environmentalists, natural resource user companies, representatives of government institutions of senior level, specialized associations and environmental experts.


International environmental “Uralsk Green Forum”
Current concerns of ecology and energy saving.
New approaches and solutions.



International environmental “Uralsk Green Forum”
Current concerns of ecology and energy saving.
New approaches and solutions.


Uralsk Green Forum - 2017